About Us

Evolvier started in 2016 to fill the gap of excellence in the mobile and web development marketplace. We are a team of dedicated and creative individuals who work cohesively to bring the best solutions for our clients. Our company works on several areas to reach the best point of operation and bring out solutions that are practical and relevant. We specialize in iOS and Android mobile application with emphasis on domains like Travel, Tourism, F&B and Culinary & Gourmet specialised apps.

We approach at problems differently based on our experience and exposure. We keep quality management on the top of priority list. We always one step further to strive for excellence in what we do.

Evolvier is a team of creative people who convert creative ideas to colorful solutions. From designing and creating mobile and web applications, we provide solutions services that make the user life simpler and easier.

Quality and User Experience are our primary drivers. With tailor made services we ensure it fits the customers’ needs. We are dedicated to provide quality Integrated Technology Solutions across Mobile, Web & Cloud.

Join us on this journey! Please contact us with your queries!

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